Look Beyond The Wow Factor

... is the keystone of my philosophy, when it comes to using technology in an educational perspective.

My main focus doesn’t concern the technology itself, and I don’t care about all the different gadgets that are being produced for the educational sector at the moment.

To me, it’s all about the difference that the technology can make for each student. Furthermore it’s important that the technologies that I use, have the possibilities for adaption, so I can customize it, to fit the individual’s needs.

My philosophy reflects the basic idea of ​​the renowned and innovative Singularity University in California. At this university, it’s about working with the latest technologies in a global societal context. The idea is not to invent and develop on the latest technologies for economic purposes; instead, they must be put into play, so that they can help solve some of the major global issues.

This doesn’t mean, that I, in my work, solve global issues, but scaled-down to the education sector, it’s all about being aware of the social responsibility in using the technologies where they make sense for the individual student. It’s about using the technology, so even the weakest students, as far as possible, can participate on the same terms as the others.

In the light of this philosophy, one of my missions as an Tech-counselor and Robotics-craftsman is to help the manufacturers and distributors understand, that if they only focus on the sale of their technology, there is a risk, that it doesn’t have a long-term impact on the students. Instead they should be more focused on how to develop and customize the technology, so I makes sense on the long run. The technology needs to have a didactical and pedagogical value in order to last in the educational sector.

Unless we start focusing on the pedagogical and didactical possibilities that these technologies create, there is a risk that they end up in a closet without making any impact on the students.


We have to start looking beyond the wow factor and the find the true value of the technologies, as we owe it to the next generations, to prepare them for a labor market that nobody knows, but where one thing is certain.

The technologies are going to be overwhelming!

What is exponential technologies

Politikens 'Teacher of the year award' 2017


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