Morten Jacobsen

Tech-Craftsman & Pedagogical Tech-Counselor

I live in Skovlunde just outside Copenhagen in Denmark

I’m a trained teacher and work at Skolen ved Nordens Plads

I see possibilities instead of limitations

In May 2017 I won a Special award, when the Danish national newspaper Politiken hosted the “Teacher of the year” awardshow.

I won the prize because of my work with telepresence robots and humanoid robots

Educational background

I’m a trained teacher and graduated back in 2004.

Ever since I started at the university, I knew that it was within the field of teaching children with special needs, that I could make the most effort.

So it was quite obvious, that after I got my teaching degree, I got a job at a school for children with special needs. The school was Skolen ved Skoven in Hilleroed, about 30 km from Copenhagen.

The first couple of years I primarily taught students with severe general learning difficulties as well as students with multiple disabilities.

It quickly became clear to me how big a difference it could make for my students, when I managed to include the use of technologies in my teaching. Both as a didactical tool, but also as an aid for the students that needed some extra help because of their handicap.

I quickly got the job as an pedagogical Tech-counselor at the school, where my most important task was to support students by using technology, but also to supervise my collegaues, in order for me to get them to include technology in their own classes.

Furthermore I managed to become certified Tech-counselor, while working at Skolen ved Skoven.

After 6 years, I sought new challenges and started working as pedagogical Tech-counselor at Skolen ved Nordens Plads instead.

Skolen ved Nordens Plads is Frederiksberg municipality’s only school for children with special needs. At the school we teach students with one of the following challenges:

  • Students with autism spectrum disorder
  • Students with social and emotional problems
  • Students with severe learning disabilities

The fact that the students are so different from each, gives me the opportunity to experiment with the use of new technologies in many different contexts, and with many different goals depending on the specific students that I work with. But each time the conclusion has been the same … the technology makes a huge difference.


Project Manager & Robotics-Craftsman

My job at Skolen ved Nordens Plads is a mixture between supervision of my colleagues, technology-supported classroom teaching, and maintainence of the school’s many administrative systems.

Besides my regular tasks, I’ve started many projects, such as 1-1 iPad projects, use of social media for students with special needs, communication aids for students without any verbal language, just to name a few of them.

For the past couple of years, my main focus has been on how to include robotics in the school’s daily life, both social robots, telepresence robots, and robots that support students’ skills in coding.


Speaker & Networker

Because of my experience in technology-based teaching, I have been widely used as a lecturer and a speaker. For many years, I worked as a freelance teacher in interactive boards, Smartboards as well as Activboards. In addition, I have been used as a guestspeaker at the Teknologikonferencen in Nyborg and at both CFU and University College Capital in Copenhagen.

I see it as one of my most important tasks to inspire others to make a difference by using technology in their teaching. Furthermore I spend time networking, both when it comes to participating in various conferences, exhibitions and last but not least Social media.Back in 2015 I went to the Robobusiness Conference in California. This conference is one of the main reasons for our development, in terms of using robotics.

For the past year there has been a lot of focus on our school in the media. The main reason is our groundbreaking and innovative use of social and telepresence robots. Both the newspapers as well as the major national TV stations have showed interest in our robotics work, which has created a lot of focus on the project, and made Skolen ved Nordens Plads one of the leading schools in Denmark when it comes to the use of exponentiel technologies in an educational perspective.


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