For the past couple of years in Denmark, there has been a very interesting public discussion about how we prepare the students for the future in the best way. All the experts agree that the keyword is computational thinking, and that we need to focus much more on teaching the students about technology, compared to what we are doing now.

The key elements of this new subject are Digital empowerment, Computational thinking, technological capacity and digital design.

At the moment 46 schools in Denmark are a part of a pilot project to test this whole new curriculum, before it becomes mandatory to all schools.

Skolen ved Nordens Plads are one of those schools, and furthermore we are one of the only special schools, that have been chosen to participate.

For me it’s very important to be a part of this project. Especially because the design of this new subject and also the way the students are supposed to work with technology is not particularly suitable for children with autism because of very little structure, digital loops and a lot of work on our own. Therefore it’s important for us at Skolen ved Nordens Plads to translate computational thinking, so it makes sense when it comes to children with special needs.

Especially because they also deserve to be given the tools they need to master the labourmarket of tomorrow.


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