Once again I attended Bett show in London. This time with a lot of colleagues from my school.

This year I got an invitation to speak at the side event – The Education Show, which doesn’t focus on technology, but more on pedagogics, educational trends and new ways to teach.


I had teamed up with my colleague Tina, and together we did a presentation about a new way to plan and execute your teaching, in order to motivate the students, improve the learning outcome and to increase student engagement. The method we developed is called the iWork schedule, and it changes the focus from the content to the student’s individual motivation. You can read more about the iWork schedule here.


The Iwork schedule is developed for better inclusion of the students with special needs in K-12 schools, but can successfully be used with all students.


We did the presentation at the Pedagogy theatre at the education show, and we had a full house.

Afterwards we got a lot of positive feedback and it became clear to us, that it’s not only in Denmark that we struggle with unsuccessful inclusion.


Just before we left the theatre the AV guy came up to us and told us that he would have wished that he had teachers like us, when he went to school. He was diagnosed with autism and when he attended school, it was so hard to find the motivation to complete the courses. If only the teachers had had another approach, maybe he would have had other opportunities in life.

To hear a story like that, really makes me proud of the work we are doing, and gives me the energy to move on and to be able to inspire even more people around the world.


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