One day at my school, we got a phone call from the Estonian Ministry of Education.

They wanted to send a delegation to Denmark to learn more about our way to teach children with special needs.

They reason why they contacted us, what that the Danish Ministry of Education had appointed us the number 1 school for children with special needs in Denmark.

We have many great schools in Denmark, when it comes to children with special needs, and its not fair to name us number 1. Nevertheless, for me personally, it was a great achievement to hear this statement from the Ministry, because it underlines the importance of the work I’m doing in terms of promoting the school at conferences and in the media. Without this work, we wouldn’t have achieved this position.

The Estonian delegation visited our school for a whole day, where they got to experience how the students were taught, how we provided visual guidance and also how we used technology both for helping and for motivating the students.

The delegation was very satisfied with our presentation and they expressed their gratitude and assured us, that they could use a lot of the ideas, we gave them.

And that’s what it’s all about – sharing ideas to make education even better for children with special needs all over the world.


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