In late January the BETT show was held at the Excel in London.

BETT is the world’s largest educational technology conference with attendees from all over Europe.

The conference consists of a gigantic tech exhibition and 6 different stages with numerous interesting presentations featuring the newest trends from the world of education.

On Saturday the 27th I did a presentation on the Arena stage, which is the main stage with a capacity of more than a 1000 people.

Once again the presentation was about the use of telepresence robots and was entitled Game-changing technology for children who can’t attend school.

It was an awesome experience to speak in front of so many people, and to see your slides on a screen the size of a house was very encouraging.

I fell lucky, that I get to perform on some of the biggest stages in the world of education, and every event is a whole new experience.

My presentation drew a lot of attention and representatives from both the British Council and the BETT organization interviewed me, in order to hear more about my project and thoughts on technology.

At the moment, telepresence robots are not used that much in the United Kingdom, so hopefully, my ideas can inspire others to try something similar.


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